Motorcraft Auto parts

Motorcraft is a well-known manufacturer of the vehicle replacement parts recommended by famous Ford Motor Company. Motorcraft was first founded in 1950s but then brand was discontinued because Ford purchased the Autolite trade name. In 1972 Motorcraft was launched for the second time as the official automotive parts supplier for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln.

Motorcraft auto parts

Nowadays Motorcraft produces a wide number of products for all models of these brands. Besides some company's parts fit vehicles made by other manufacturers.

Motorcraft Products

Motorcraft parts are manufactured to increase vehicle's performance to its maximum. Every company's product from wire sets and switches to fuel pumps and oil filters was tested in laboratory and on the road. That's why Motorcraft parts ensure you uncompromising dependability, trouble-free operation, premium quality as well as quite long lifespan. Motorcraft is the official automotive parts supplier for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln. It means that company's products will perfectly fit any model of these brands just like OEM parts.

Motorcraft spark plug

Brake Pads

Motorcraft brake pads will provide optimum braking performance of your vehicle. Each product was tested in real life and meets FMVSS standards for noise, wheel dust and lining life. Brake pads come with required hardware to make installation easy and quick.

Fuel Filters

Drivers know that the purity of fuel is crucial for normal engine operation. To keep your vehicle's engine in a good shape Motorcraft offers a great solution – premium fuel filters. Motorcraft fuel filters provide remarkable filtration capability removing up to 90% of contaminants. In addition they are made from 300-series stainless steel with great corrosion resistance. These features help filters keep your vehicle on the road for a really long time.

A wide number of parts for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln including radiator coolant hoses, serpentine belts, brake rotors, fuel tank sender assemblies, steering tie rod ends, and many, many other products is available today in the automotive market. All of them have one similar feature – they are recommended by Ford Motor Company. If you are Ford, Mercury or Lincoln owner and looking for Motorcraft replacement parts check out CARiD – one of the biggest online-retailers in the U.S. Replacement parts made by reliable manufacturer which has Ford Motor Company recommendations are just few clicks away!

Motorcraft fuel filter