CP Carrillo Pistons and Rods

CP Carrillo company holds leading position in producing pistons and rods for more than 40 years - since 1963. During this time company has become very popular and now the vast majority of automotive manufacturers use CP Carrillo products in their standard or performance engines.

CP Carrillo Brand

CP Carrillo is known for its proprietary materials, exceptional processing and unsurpassed attention to every detail. Company produces rods and pistons with the same quality for ordinary drivers and for the pro racers, so you can be sure that your CP Carrillo piston or rod will have the very best quality and will work for you for a long time.

CP Carrillo Technology

Every CP Carrillo piston or rod is produced with the maximum quality. Company use proprietary tooling, unconventional fixtures and dedicated cutters so their 5-axis machining techniques produce any piston type. Then computerized electronic inspection equipment checks every product for matching highest standards. During manufacturing CP Carrillo uses 3D modeling. Its advanced software package allows to make every piston or rod to be the strongest and the lightest at the same time.

CP Carrillo pistons and rods

Some of the brightest minds in the automotive industry support the CP Carrillo work that allows to explore angles, which are impossible to explore with conventional methods. Proven technologies, experience and creativity allows CP Carrillo to bring you the best rods and pistons. Company's commitment to excellence allows to producing proprietary treated wrist rings, pins and certain applications only for CP Carrillo. Extensive research allowed to determine the best skirt shape for every piston. With correct barrel and cam on it piston promotes the following:

  1. Durability.
  2. Increased power.
  3. Less noise.
  4. Better ring seal.
  5. Tighter clearances.

Where to purchase CP Carrillo Products

CP Carrillo produced high-quality rods and pistons but we recommend you to purchase its products from an authorized dealer such as CARiD. There are more than 50 types of CP Bullet Pistons at CARiD, including CP pistons. Carrillo rods and more. In addition you will receive an official warranty on each CP Carrillo piston and rod.

CP Carrillo at CarID